Today cheezit’s won. I got home, after being exhausted all day and I ripped into four one-ounce bags of cheezit’s. I regret every minute of it, at least I regret two of the four bags. I’m an emotional wreck because I’m still waiting on news about my friend. I got about four hours of sleep because I kept waking up after having what I can only describe as panic attacks.

I had meat and cheese and peppers and hummus for breakfast today. For lunch, I had leftover pork, brussel sprouts, and onions. Tonight I had a spinach salad as well as chicken that I had marinated in carne asada seasoning. I’m a little anxious because we might be going to dinner tomorrow night at an Italian restaurant that I love. Loads of garlic knots are usually eaten when I go to this place. I don’t know how I will resist but I have to go.

My blood sugar a little high this morning but it was fine this afternoon. I did go for a small walk at work during lunch.

I have so much on my mind lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about life, about how every moment really does matter. If it’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you should take nothing for granted. You really do not know what tomorrow may bring.


A week ago tonight I got the news that one of my best friends had a massive stroke. Then on Thursday, we had to fly to Orlando for a work thing. The work thing was a blast, we got to go to DisneyWorld for two days. But, hanging over my head, was the news of my friend. The prognosis is not good and it’s been rough. I’ve let myself go during this time, eating whatever I want. I also discovered that it is very difficult to find good food to eat at a theme park. On Saturday night it was so crowded that the only thing we could find was pizza. It was delicious but I shouldn’t have eaten it.

Here is what I’ve decided. I’m going to write every day, no matter what. I’m going to take my blood sugar level twice a day. I could not even find my blood sugar machine when I went to Orlando this past weekend, so it’s been at least a week since I’ve checked it.


This morning my blood sugar was 183. Tonight my blood sugar was 120. My eating was good today. I had meat and cheese for breakfast, a spinach salad with chicken for lunch and then pork loin with brussel sprouts and onions for dinner. Yesterday, I ate 3 bags of cheez-it’s, a turkey sandwich on a baguette, 3 donuts, and then spinach salad with chicken for dinner. So, I’m excited to be back to my healthy eating.

Onward to tomorrow!

It’s been a few days. You know when it’s been a few days that I’ve fallen off the wagon. I’ve definitely let myself go this past weekend. We’ve had a friend in town and we celebrated two birthdays. I tried to be good but that all went out the window with the first delicious cocktail at a club in Santa Monica. Here is a rundown of things I’ve eaten since Friday, a brie and prosciutto panini, nachos, quesadillas, omelets, more vodka than anyone should consume, popcorn, a Mexican brunch buffet with bottomless mimosas. Here is the good news though, I did start with weekend with a long walk from Venice Beach to Santa Monica!

I’m not going to lie, it always leads to a little bit of a depression. I had a shirt on today and it felt tight, I made myself wear it all day, or until I got home and I was depressed all day. I go through these cycles and I just feel extremely sad that I can’t get myself together.

Here is another struggle, we are headed to Orlando this weekend for a company party. We will be at DisneyWorld and there is just going to be temptation everywhere. Part of me thinks I should just give up until after the holidays but I still have to keep trying.

Tonight we are going to see a preview of Ellen DeGeneres’s new Netflix special in Hollywood. Unfortunately, I don’t think she will be there but it will be fun.

More soon.

What I know about diabetes so far…..

In the simplest terms here are a few things that I know about controlling diabetes so far.

  • You need to eat a low carb diet/keto diet.
  • If your blood sugar is too high go on a walk and drink a lot of water, that usually brings it down.
  • Stay calm. If you are an anxious person you may want to mediate, do whatever you can to stay calm. The times that my blood sugar is the highest is when I’m most stressed.
  • It’s all about controlling your environment, controlling what you eat and what you let bother you.

It has been a cold rainy day here in California. Having lived in Los Angeles for almost three years I’m not used to this but the last two weeks between the rain in Florida and the rain here I’m tired of it, but at least it’s not snow.

Today for breakfast I had three eggs again. Then for lunch I had leftovers from last night. But for dinner tonight I made this delicious keto taco skillet thing. I sautéed ground beef, onions, red peppers, and then I added cumin, paprika, onion powder and salt, green onions, cherry tomatoes and a Monterey Jack/cheddar mixture. I topped it with iceberg, sour cream, half an avocado and squeezed a little bit of lime onto it. I have some of it saved for tomorrow for lunch.

This weekend is going to be a little insane. We are having a guest fly in Saturday. We have a birthday party to go to both nights and then a brunch on Sunday. So, a lot going on.

Keto Daily Taco Skillet

I saw this recipe on Keto Daily and I think I may try it tonight. Let me know if you’ve made any of these.

I’ve taken some NyQuil because I’m having issues sleeping. So, I don’t know how long I will last writing tonight but I’m going to do the best I can.

First, I decided to download My Fitness Pal and track my macros. My goal the next few days is to just get an idea of what I’m eating. I did fine on calories today but not great on carbs. I have this bag of potatoes in my kitchen, left over from Thanksgiving and I don’t want to waste food, as I’m saving up for a wedding. I took the potatoes and sautéed them with onions, garlic and an herb seasoning. I had that for dinner but also made a roast pork loin with garlic and bruschetta seasoning. I had eggs for breakfast and then had left over chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli.

My blood sugar was 152 this morning and 112 this afternoon. Not horrible!

Chat more tomorrow!

I started to look at the grams of carbs in things that I’m eating. It’s not a pretty sight. There are 27 grams of carbs in sweet potato and in one medium banana. I ate sweet potato, banana, cranberries. I need to do better but I also want to eat through what I have, because if I’m truthful here, money is tight. I don’t want to waste what I have.

This morning I had 2 bananas and 3 eggs, and then for lunch I had a spinach salad. The spinach salad had 20 grams of carbs but I threw away whatever the bread looking thing was, which I’m sure made up most of the carbs. Dinner tonight was 2 pieces of salmon and left over sweet potato and broccoli.

I had all of these plans to start a page with links and podcasts that I’m listening to but I didn’t do it. It’s time to go to bed. More tomorrow!

Oh, one last thing, my BS was a little high this morning. I totally forgot to take it again this afternoon, I imagine it was down.

Ok, I’m finally back from Florida and had my first day back to work today. My stomach has been in knots for the last week. I’m not sure if it’s emotions or the traversing across the country the past week but I’m excited to be home and for life to calm down, at least for a few days.

Today was a weird eating day because I wasn’t that hungry. I ate a banana this morning as well as three eggs. We were out of creamer at work so I went to the store and bought some of those pre cooked hard boiled eggs, man they always seem gross don’t they? Then I had a package of prosciutto and cheese for lunch. For dinner I roasted a chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli. I know

I have to take sweet potatoes out of my diet, it will be difficult because they are my favorite. If I want to succeed I have to do these small things. On to tomorrow!

November 29th- Tackled by Grey Goose.

You know it’s been a successful evening with cousins when you wake up, hung over and your knee is sore from being tackled. I’m not a cousin who gets tackled very often. I’m not a cousin that hangs out with cousins very often, mainly because I feel like we have not that much in common, they like to chat about things like hunting, fishing etc., and I like broadway shows. But, this trip was different. We were mourning the loss of an uncle, we are all a little bit older, and, I think, a little bit more respectful of our differences than before.

Back to that tackle though, my knee is still in pain two days later, and with the amount of Grey Goose we consumed we should own a little bit of stock in the company. That said, mainly because my stomach has been in knots, I’ve made relatively good food choices. On Thursday I ate a banana and some veggie cream cheese for breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that cream cheese has very few carbs and is acceptable to eat, as long as a bagel is not attached to eating it, more on the bagel in a subsequent post. At the reception, after the funeral, there was a buffet. It was lined with white chocolate macadamia cookies, key lime pie, sweet tea, pasta, eggs rolls, roast beef, meatballs, buffalo cheese dip with breads, etc. I was good, I did take a little bit of the things I shouldn’t have, like pasta and bread. I took zero desserts and those shire chocolate chips were poking out at those cookies just waiting to be eaten. I took unsweetened tea, and when my cousin asked if I wanted more tea she was shocked when I asked for unsweetened.

That night at the family gathering we took home the meatballs and everything else but that is all I snacked on. I have some catching up to do with the writing. Coming up I’ll tell you about a dinner with a dear friend, and then maybe I’ll write about my life time love affair with bagels.

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